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Alternative Building Techniques – (Cobb House construction)

Libra designs is committed to ongoing education on innovative environmentally friendly building techniques, systems and materials.

The house of the future may well be built in free form, use natural materials such as earth, stone and wood and have a living roof. It will use the elements wisely, incorporate solar panels for electricity and water capture and will not cost a fortune to build because of it’s simplicity, hence unskilled people can participate in the process.

Leading the way in urban planning, many municipalities are now allowing the construction of backyard coach houses, in-law suites and studios. Straw bale and cob house structures are well suited for this type of usage.

"Marrying the old and the new- is often what we do when using sustainable
building methods. Whether straw bale or cobb or other methods are considered,
they offer a natural material that is plentiful, renewable and goes back to
the earth after it's usable lifespan. When we use these materials with new
technologies such as solar or wind, we create sustainability. More and more research is being done on these and other building practices, and it is an area we are exploring with enthusiasm."

See more in our Photo Gallery for Adobe Building Techniques.

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