Adobe Houses Adobe Houses Cal-Earth Institute Adobe House Workshop Adobe Housing Workshop in California 66520546 66520547 ECO-DOME House This one is called the ECO-DOME, it is made out of long sandbags filled with a mixture of earth and cement and coiled on top of one-another, like an igloo. This one is made of one large dome (main living area plus four smaller domes around the main structure as bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. This technique was developed by Iranian architect Nader Kalhili and is a way to build simple inexpensive (although labor intensive) shelters. 66520548 Kitchen This house was built 3 years ago using a series of arches, it has all the comfort of a modern Californian home: central air, 3 bath, 2 car garages modern kitchen...but it's made with natures oldest building material: earth 66520549